Club Brugge in the 90s

Club Brugge in the 90s

Club Brugge in the 1990s


Club Brugge, a new name for many now that they are taking Europe by storm (the first belgian team to obtain 9 points out of their first 3 games in the UCL). But please, do not be mistaken. This team has a long and beautiful history which we will make clear by listing their greatest achievements in the 90s.




In the first season of the 90s Club Brugge managed to win the league title for the 8th time. They had to start the season without one of their legends in the 80s, Marc Degryse.

Then the season of 1990-1991 came around. Club Brugge played in the Europa cup where they were eliminated by AC Milan. They managed to win the Belgian cup but didn’t get the league title. Club played this season in one of the most memorable derbies they had ever played. They won against Cercle Brugge with a remarkable 10-0! Truly amazing.

In the next season, Club celebrated their 100th anniversary by winning their 9th league title and their 5thSupercup.




1992 was a memorable year in football history. The first edition of the Champions League was played, and who better to represent Belgium for the first time than the Club in blue and black.

Sadly, Club had a bad year in the league and could not improve in the next season. Then the season of 1994-1995 came around and changed course. They managed to win their 7th Supercup and their 6th Belgian Cup. They even went as far as the quarter-finals in Europe where they lost against Chelsea.




The second half of this amazing decade had arrived. Club answered to this by earning their 10th league title and their 7th time winning the Belgian cup. This was only their 2nd double ever!

In the season of 1996-1997 they won their 8th Supercup. The year after that, they already managed to win their 11th title.

In the last season of the 90s, Club got their 9th Supercup but just missed the title and became 2nd.


Club Brugge was a true champion in the 90s and surely did not forget this in the 2000s. As it stands Club Brugge is the second biggest team in Belgian history after their great rivals RSC Anderlecht


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