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Why choose Vintage?

  1. Elevate your style on game day with Vintage Football Shirt Fashion. 🌟

  2. Stand out from the crowd with one-of a kind pieces

  3. Bring your football memories to life!

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About us

We started Vintagefootplug because we think there should be a place where you can find your vintage football shirts all in one place instead of browsing second hand websites where you are never quite sure of the quality and authenticity of the shirts. Our love for old football shirts started when we saw that the new shirts were too basic, too overpriced and too repetitive. The value of vintage shirts does not lie in the material of the shirt, but in the memories that are attached to it!

Every shirt in our shop is picked by ourselves and it always goes through us for inspection before it gets posted on the shop. All of the shirts are 100% authentic.